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Four days of TESOL training soon ended, the tension, enrich and happy four days, I feel a lot, also learned a lot, this training makes me by excessive emissions reductions, although time is short, but the content of the training gave me big help on teaching, listening to Alex's theoretical guidance, watched some teaching examples, experience discussion on some of the living Move, let the theory with the practice, make me more profound, more thorough understanding of the teacher said the content. Here's what I've learned.

First, rediscovered myself


Through learning to make my mind has a new transformation, as a children's English teacher, must have a profound knowledge of English, skilled operation skills, the good thought quality, in the process of study of English, teachers should not teach English knowledge as the main teaching task and purpose, of his wrong only spend their main focus on check the student to the knowledge level, Ignoring the different psychological characteristics of children's growth, teachers should become members of the learning community, seeking answers together with children in front of problems, and becoming students' partners and intimate friends on the road of exploring English.

Second, I have a new understanding of English classroom teaching

Through this training, I have learned more teaching skills. According to the different learning styles and abilities of children of different ages, learning styles more suitable for children of different ages should be used to achieve the purpose of efficient learning.

Pay attention to interest in the overall goal of teaching, cultivate creativity and self-confidence, so that children can learn happily; In the course implementation, we should pay attention to creating learning environment and improving learning efficiency. In terms of teaching mode and methods, it pays attention to participating in practice and innovating development. In terms of the goal of language teaching, it pays attention to cultivating language sense and communicative competence. In teaching evaluation, we should pay attention to the use of incentive mechanism and multiple evaluation

Third. I have made a qualitative leap in basic English knowledge and skills.

This professional training of basic knowledge is undoubtedly a great harvest for me. Language learning takes place only in meaningful and purposeful activities. Through the teacher's careful explanation, I learned how to better teach English listening, speaking, reading and writing. The traditional English teaching method puts heavy pressure on students, but they do not feel the joy of learning. In fact, the teaching of each ability can be very interesting. I am inspired by the way excellent teachers do it. Many times our students do not want to speak English because there is no safe language environment. The emphasis on vocabulary and grammar makes teachers often interrupt students in public, which makes students feel embarrassed. If this goes on for a long time, students will not want to communicate in English in public. Therefore, to improve students' listening and speaking ability, we must first create a safe environment for students Language environment. In a safe language environment, teachers focus on the content of communication rather than the correctness of vocabulary and grammar. By using self-correcting ability, students can improve their listening and speaking ability in continuous communication. Only in the continuous practice of middle school students' oral English ability will continue to improve.

Fourth, the grasp of the textbook has a whole understanding

As a front-line teacher, I know what kind of class is a good class, not including teacher-student interaction, students in the main 1 sports, but I think the key is to grasp the textbook, through training, so that I understand, I should use the textbook to teach studentsInstead of teaching textbooks, textbooks can be used creatively, which can be deleted or added around the curriculum standard. In addition, students' practice should be exercisedCompetence is the ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing, that is, in the class, Paiwwork and Groupwork partsNot only to practice, but also let every student can participate in it, the courage to open their mouth, so that the classroom atmosphere is active and orderly Let the students can find their own positioning, really like the English class.

As a children's English teacher, through this training feel more heavy burden on the shoulders, I will redouble my efforts!


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