TEFL China

Why choose TEFL in China?

2. The best job prospects
1.Our highest qualification
3.Stand out from the crowd
4.Make yourself more employable
5.Spread the cost-pay instalment

If you’re going to do this life-changing,exciting and unforgettable thing, do it the right way

with a fully accredited,super experienced and totally supportive TEFL provider.

A qualification from usis your passport to far-flung places and we’re the perfect travellingcompanion.

Quality and value
Our qualifications open doors all over the world, we're accredited by all the right people and innovation is kind of our thing.
Support and advice
We know this is all new to you but we make it new "exciting", not new "scary". And we'll hold your hand as tight, and for as long as you need.
Experience and knowledge
We wrote our own book about TEFL, we've been around the longest and have handed out more TEFL courses than anyone.
Our Mission

To make teaching English online or abroadstraightforward and accessible – to push you, to inspire you, to offer oursupport – and to take you places you never imagined possible.

We’ve made the world bigger and smaller,all at the same time. Travelling the world has never been easier.

Our Team

We’ve got the experience, the reputation,and the courses employers recognise and respect. But our secret weapon is ourknowledgeable, helpful team – here are a few of the friendly faces you’ll meetalong the way.

Our experience makes yours

World-class pool skills, amazing singingvoices, infectious laughter… each member of TEFL in China staff bringssomething unique and amazing to the table, but we all have one thing in common– we love teaching. We’re a young team with loads of travel miles under ourcommunal belt, and our skills will help you get the most out of your TEFLexperience.

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